Utah leather


Utah leather is exclusively made for SCP by Danish company, Sorensen, a family owned tannery that has specialised and supplied leather of supreme quality to the high-end furniture industry for over forty years.

The Utah leather that we use on the Balzac is a pure aniline leather which is characterised by soft touch and a ‘natural’ surface. It offers fantastic seating comfort and can only be made from the finest raw hides. Only 5% of all raw hides are suitable for making aniline leather of this quality. The surface of the leather is untreated which means all natural markings are visible, including growth marks, veins, scratches, scars and bites. These characteristics are not defects and will not shorten the life of the leather. Instead, they enhance the natural beauty of the product and allow your furniture to develop a beautiful patina over time.

We recommend that you vacuum your furniture regularly with a soft brush attachment. If cleaning is essential; use a solution of distilled or boiled water with natural mild soap flakes of the highest quality (half a cup soapflakes to one litre of hot water). Whisk the soapflakes into the hot water and only use the foam. Apply the foam to the upholstery with a soft cloth, without soaking the leather. When the upholstery is dry, wipe it down with a soft cotton cloth.

Never place the furniture in direct sunlight or against a radiator as leather may fade or become dry. Avoid use of cleaning agents/oil based products as this will stain the leather.

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