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Tepee sofa in Clara by Lucy Kurrein for SCP

SCP Sofa in Sight


The SCP Sofa in Sight collection is a range that explores ideas in modern upholstery making through six different sofas. Designs by Michael Anastassiades, Konstantin Grcic, Faudet-Harrison, Matthew Hilton, Lucy Kurrein and Terence Woodgate.

The sofa is a piece of furniture rooted in Western culture, in ideas of comfort and in thoughts about the modern home. How did the typology come into being? How are they made? What is their future? We wondered how six very different designers would respond to exactly the same brief: Create a new sofa design using our specialist upholstery making factory in Norfolk, where we only use renewable materials, traditional techniques and highly skilled craftsmen.

The entire collection was shot on location at The Experiment Station, a series of buildings in Dungeness designed by interior architects and friends of SCP, Johnson Naylor.

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Drawing inspiration from upholstery designs of the ‘20s, Faudet-Harrison have created a refined sofa system which offers a number of possible configurations. It features continuous curves, sharp line detailing and a fully upholstered sprung frame. The well-proportioned design was a year in the making and created through a distillation process of sorts with the aesthetic becoming increasingly refined.
See Continuous in the store. 

Terence Woodgate
Wanting to break free from the restrictions of technology, Terence reverse engineered this design by sculpting the sofa in clay first and scanning it into the computer to be refined – a process used in car design. The result is one elegant form that seamlessly blends the arm, back and seat together. The back is low with a curve that extends from arm to arm. It’s a design that uses intuition and technology in equal measure.
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Konstantin Grcic
The Pasha sofa revisits a design Konstantin originally worked on in the early ‘90s but never went beyond the prototype stage. The idea was to create a sofa with a particularly reclined sitting position. It features a deeply-curved base that’s scalloped in texture. The design, which nods to both public and domestic settings, blends strong angular lines with natural curves – creating softness in a formal typology.
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Michael Anastassiades
The advent of new technologies has led to a change in behaviour within public spaces. Michael has designed a sofa that was inspired by the way people use these spaces as an opportunity to juggle work emails, social and calls. Featuring a high back and arms, it’s a comfortable enclosure for a little privacy. While a firm ottoman doubles up as a multifunctional seat, foot rest or a side table.
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Matthew Hilton
Matthew imagines sofas as sculptures in our everyday living spaces that confidently occupy a space. As such, the statement design he created for SCP, stemmed from the idea to create a fully-upholstered piece that sits directly on the floor at the back. Subtle piping and seam details on the arms and cushion faces acts as a counterpoint to the swooping curve of the design that gently slopes to the floor.
See Solstice in the store. 

Lucy Kurrein
Inspired by the simplicity of a hammock, Lucy re-assessed the sofa frame and concluded there could be a way to hold the cushions in place by utilising strong industrial fabrics. Lucy has created a comfortable design that works with the natural behaviour of fabric rather than against it – achieved by using wax-cotton fabric that creates a sling for the densely filled feather seat.
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