Dandy sofa by Massproductions at the SCP Showroom, March 2024


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Massproductions is a Stockholm based furniture company founded in 2009 by designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck, with a neo-modernist approach to functional, elegant design.

For Spring 2024, SCP has hosted an exhibition of new design from Stockholm based brand Massproductions. Featuring new launches just presented at the Stockholm Furniture fair such as the Crown sofa system, and the beautiful Buffer bookend (with an edition signal yellow version made specially for SCP).

Gridlock shelving system, with Crown chair, by Massproductions at SCP.

Massproductions was founded in 2009 by designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck, with a neo-modernist approach to functional, elegant design. The name itself refers to the beauty of efficient, sustainable, high quality industrial production. This joy in manufacturing is a core element to how Massproductions approach designing and developing furniture. They work very closely with all of the engineers, machine operators and experts at their production facilities to ensure the integrity of their products, as they say “right down to every cut and bend”.

"We create multifunctional, highly-adaptable products that provide a smart, contemporary toolbox for architects and interior designers.”

Chris Martin, Massproductions
Crown sofa system by Massproductions at SCP.
Crown sofa system and Boundary table by Massproductions at SCP.

To a certain extent, Massproductions is both a reaction and an antidote to some of the excesses that the furniture design industry witnessed during the noughties. Meaning big lavish launches and marketing budgets, a plethora of quite poorly made products, and a rush to bring things to market. Massproductions subscribe to a slower way of doing things, they bring out quite a small number of products every few years, and some things are in development for a long time before they are actually launched. Their aim as a company is to “build on the clean, functional elegance of modernism” and create products that are “multifunctional, highly-adaptable products that provide a smart, contemporary toolbox for architects and interior designers.”

Massproductions at SCP

We’ve been delighted to host Massproductions at SCP, where they have facilitated a wonderful series of workshops that re-imagine the prototyping phase of the 4PM Chaise, and also worked with us on an opening party and talk with founder Chris Martin, a British designer abroad, who has now lived in Sweden for nearly 30 years.

4PM Chaise Lounge by Massproductions

While Chris is the lead-designer for Massproductions, co-founder Magnus Elebäck is the force behind their strategy of building a lean, vertically integrated company, designing products in-house, partnering with carefully selected manufacturing facilities and selling to a global market.

To give a little further insight into the thinking behind Massproductions, we asked Chris a series of quick-fire questions at the end of the talk; about his thinking and approach to design, and we are happy to share his answers here.

Crown chair by Massproductions detail.
Spot pouffe by Massproductions detail.

Chris Martin | Quick-Fire Q&A

What does an ideal working day look like?

The best working days were at the very beginning of Massproductions, when me and Magnus were pretending to be a bigger company than we were. I was driving vans, managing deliveries from the warehouse, building fair stands as well as all the design and product development at the factories. Long days of hard work and very satisfying.

What is the one thing that every home needs?

That would have to be the brand-new Buffer bookend, especially the yellow colour which is exclusive to SCP.

What one object could you not live without?

I was asked this by a journalist recently, so I’ll give the same answer – I really like the folded paper grocery bags that you get in a Swedish supermarket, so many good qualities such as strength, practicality, nice printing. They are an example of great, everyday industrial design.

What one thing does every workspace need?

A brain.

What can you see from your window?

From my apartment I can see Globen, the spherical ice hockey arena that’s a landmark on the Stockholm horizon. So I’m reminded every day that I’m not living in England anymore.

What are we getting right at the moment?

More people are living better lives now than ever, with less poverty and with better technologies. So we must be getting something right.

Where do you seek inspiration?

Everywhere. I try to keep open to new influences. Designing a chair around a Waiter’s needs was a notable source of inspiration.

Chris Martin in conversation with SCP's Editor Duncan Riches

Where do you go to reflect?

Long rides on my bicycle.

Who are your heroes?

Jasper Morrison, who I had the fortune to work for almost a year. And Enzo Mari, I met him on the street once in Milan and encouraged him to sit in our Tio chair.

What does good design mean to you now?

Right now I’m thinking a lot about my next design, a stackable wooden chair that solves a problem I have had in mind for many years.

What is the most important thing you have learnt?

I start to realise now that it’s always going to be hard work as a designer with my own furniture company. Embracing the struggle and accepting I will never be driving a Porsche to my yoga class is a valuable lesson.



A big thanks to both Magnus and Chris for all their efforts in bringing Massproductions at SCP to life, and a special mention to Halima Mason for the extra photography.