Sons of Beasley Collection 2023.

Sons of Beasley

Carl Clerkin & Alex Hellum

A small batch production furniture making experiment by designers Carl Clerkin and Alex Hellum.

Following the success of The Beasley Brothers Repair shop by Carl Clerkin (and friends) at the Eternally Yours exhibition at Somerset House last year, Clerkin went on to present Sons of Beasley at the Material Matters exhibition at the OXO Bargehouse during LDF 2022. There, alongside collaborator and SCP designer Alex Hellum, they produced a new collection of chairs and furniture as a live spectacle for the duration of the show.

The results of both exhibitions were then sold off at a specially convened SCP auction in October last year.

This year, for the 2023 London Design Festival, SCP has invited Clerkin and Hellum back to our Shoreditch showroom to continue the Sons of Beasley experiment. This time, focusing on making chairs and stools.

For the duration of LDF, a fully equipped workshop is present on the ground floor of SCP, staffed by Clerkin, Hellum and friends, all of whom will be making things by-hand, from offcuts, components and materials donated by local cabinet maker, Plykea.

Visitors to the show can expect a convivial atmosphere; a place to share ideas about making and the value of things.

Sons of Beasley