Ada armchair by Matthew Hilton.

Soft Power

Exhibition Photography

An visual overview of Soft Power, our exhibition during London Design Festival 2023. A show about sustainable design and enduring ideas.

SCP’s Soft Power exhibition during LDF 2023 has been a lot of fun to work on, with five different shows under one roof, we’ve had a broad spectrum of different ideas to think about and share.

With the end of the London Design Festival fast approaching, we thought to show some of the best exhibition photography from the week.

Soft Power overview panel.
Soft Power entrance, with the Element sofa by Philippe Malouin and Hew table/stool by Sarah Kay.

Sons of Beasley

Designers Carl Clerkin (pictured) and Alex Hellum are both senior tutors on Kingston School of Art’s Product and Furniture course. All week they have been asking some pertinent questions about re-use, the value of things and about the future role of local design production in their Sons of Beasley show.

Carl Clerkin at work in the Sons of Beasley workshop at SCP.
Sons of Beasley window display at SCP.
Sons of Beasley chair at SCP.

The SCPeep Show

After keeping it under wraps for the last two months, we revealed our fifth and hitherto secret exhibition for the London Design Festival 2023 last week. The SCPeep Show is an exhibition by Danny Clarke and Carl Clerkin of Clarke & Clerkin.

Cleverly disguised as a worksite (too cleverly for some visitors who walked right past), Clarke & Clerkin created a temporary home for the Federation for Furniture Fanciers at the rear of our ground floor Showroom, in a show entitled the SCPeep Show. It is a tongue in cheek exploration of the idea of “Closed Curtain Clubs – establishments created to facilitate behind the curtain fancying of furniture.”

Clarke & Clerkin invited some of SCP’s designers and friends to recreate the original Fanciers collection in a hastily commissioned show. The result is a playful and irreverent collection of objects best witnessed behind closed doors.

WonderGlass by John Pawson

Wonderglass is an Italian family owned company founded in 2013 by father and son Maurizio and Christian Mussati. Their vision was to create a company that would promote and preserve the skills and techniques of the Venetian master glassmakers.

We’ve been delighted to host a show of new WonderGlass pieces by British designer and architect John Pawson. The show features Berg, a mesmerising coffee table, alongside three different lighting designs; Sleeve, Horizon and Pendant Tube.

> View WonderGlass collection. 


Berg side table by John Pawson for WonderGlass at SCP.
Berg side table by John Pawson for WonderGlass detail.

John Pawson was kind enough to come and do a talk at SCP this week, hosted by Elle Deco Editor Ben Spriggs.

A big thank you to them both for making it a lovely event, which was intimate, informative and surprisingly funny.

SCP Editions

SCP launched two collections of SCP Editions this week, shown here is the new Akvarelo table/stool by Oscar Coakley.

SCP Editions is our platform to present designs made in small batches by our highly-skilled designers. This one is made just up the road in De Beauvoir Town.

> View SCP Editions on the SCP Store. 

Akvarelo table/stool by Oscar Coakley.

SCP 2023 Upholstery Collection

Situated on the 1st Floor of the SCP Showroom, the SCP 2023 Upholstery Collection features new designs by Matthew Hilton, Philippe Malouin, Donna Wilson, Wilkinson & Rivera and Terence Woodgate.

SCP 2023 Upholstery Collection detail.

The SCP 2023 Upholstery Collection is exclusively of sustainable upholstery designs; sofas and armchairs, all made by-hand at our specialist upholstery factory in Norfolk, England. 

This year, for the first time ever, all of the SCP designs on show are foam free, something that our factory has been working towards for over a decade. Foam, being petrochemical based, is the key unsustainable material in modern upholstery, and we believe it has to be removed from products to ensure they are truly sustainable.

> Download the new SCP 2023 Upholstery Collection Brochure.

Topper by Philippe Malouin for SCP.
Ada by Matthew Hilton for SCP.