Hew Table / Stool by Sarah Kay for SCP Editions.

SCP Editions

by Sarah Kay & Oscar Coakley

A platform to show unique designs made in small batches by our highly-skilled designers.

SCP Editions is a platform to show unique designs made in small batches by our highly-skilled designers. As a manufacturer of contemporary furniture and products, SCP has over three-decades of experience bringing ideas from concept to market. Yet we often find that designers and collaborators are working on personal projects of great interest, but that are not suitable as mass produced items, but are suitable to be made by hand in small batches. With this in mind, we created the SCP Editions platform, with our first collection launched in 2015 during our 30th anniversary celebrations.

Akvarelo Table / Stool by Oscar Coakley, detail.

For 2023, we are pleased to announce the launch of two new SCP Editions, one from long-term collaborator Sarah Kay, and the other with sometime collaborator Oscar Coakley. Both Editions are lovingly made by hand in their respective studios, one in the French Pyrenees, one in East London.

Hew Stool / Table by Sarah Kay

A stand out product from the 2022 One Tree Project, which saw SCP fell a disease ridden ash tree and ask designers to make new pieces from the usable wood leftover.

Long-time SCP designer and collaborator Sarah Kay created three hand carved stool / tables in her workshop, based in the French Pyrenees. So beautiful and well received were the designs, that SCP invited Sarah to create a new collection of six for the 2023 London Design Festival.

Akvarelo Stool / Table by Oscar Coakley

Akvarelo is made from a plate-steel base, with a six degree angled stem and round tops in English Oak, English Cedar and Holm Oak.

Made in Coakley’s East London workshop, they are intentionally raw in their finish, with hand-painted bases that evoke the idea of coloured ceramic glaze.

Hew by Sarah Kay, detail.
Akvarelo by Oscar Coakley, detail.

A big thank you to the designers for both their ideas and their dedication to making this collection a reality.

SCP Editions