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2023 Upholstery Collection

An overview of the collection, which features two armchairs and four sofas, with designs by Matthew Hilton, Philippe Malouin, Donna Wilson, Wilkinson & Rivera and Terence Woodgate.

Presenting a collection of sustainable upholstery designs; sofas and armchairs, all made by-hand in natural materials at SCP’s specialist upholstery factory in Norfolk, England. It features four new sofas and two new armchairs, blending together the ornate with the restrained, the extravagant with the classical, in an exploration of the idea of soft power.

This year, for the first time ever, SCP are proud to launch a collection of 100% foam free upholstery designs. A project that our factory has been working on for over a decade. Foam, being petrochemical based, is the key unsustainable material in modern upholstery, and at SCP we believe it has to be removed from products to ensure they are truly sustainable.

Ada by Matthew Hilton

An authoritative armchair design that balances comfort with a delicate hand-drawn aesthetic. With good proportions to cradle the human frame, generous in width.

Ada armchair by Matthew Hilton.

This is a cultivated chair, assured in its form, with curves and elongated lines that display a purposeful self-control.

"SCP have a very particular way of doing upholstery, it's not the modern way to do it. I’ve said this before, and it might be a bit of a cliché, but it’s like making a tailor-made suit, and they have that feel. It’s not the kind of absolute perfection we have got used to with modern technology production, which can be a bit soulless. Some things are nice when you can see a bit of the human interaction in them."

Matthew Hilton

Topper by Philippe Malouin

An almost square club chair that deconstructs the idea of cushions with the application of fixed feather toppers on all its horizontal surfaces. A concise design has a resolutely modern look, yet a novel character all its own.

Topper by Philippe Malouin.

It combines a traditional sprung timber frame with a simple form and clear visual references to comfort; the feather filled toppers.

"The idea for Topper came when I looked at my mattress which had a topper on top of the spring construction for added comfort. I thought it would make sense to transpose this idea on a chair, and use the topper as a visible comfort key element."

Philippe Malouin

Element by Philippe Malouin

A modular sofa system or standard three-seat sofa, developed from the idea of creating a fully enclosed conversation pit.

Element sofa system by Philippe Malouin.

The design grew from a focus on one particular element: the corners. By creating symmetrical matching corner units and adding of a central ottoman module a fully enclosed internal seating space is formed; ideal for ultimate comfort, conversation and conviviality.

"The design came when I tried to make simple modular components with a corner section that could be used on both sides. Altogether with a poof, once repeated, it could even produce a conversation pit."

Philippe Malouin

Peonia by Wilkinson & Rivera

A low-lying sculptural design, bold in its conception and accomplished in its details. With plentiful depth, the idea is to provide a family and friends sized sitting space, with two loose shapely cushions on similarly formed back rests.

Peonia by Wilkinson & Rivera.

The arms, beautifully bowed outwards, supply support and character, while the asymmetrical skirt, or sofa pelmet, reveals the hand-drawn work behind this design.

"We wanted to create an aesthetically versatile sofa that can exist in a diverse range of settings. We wanted it to feel fresh and sculptural with purposeful seat depth to accommodate a family's worth of use."

Teresa Rivera

Macduff by Donna Wilson

A boxy sofa design that is substantial in size and well-grounded on oversized oak feet.

Macduff sofa by Donna Wilson.

Well-proportioned and attractive, this design provides a deep-layered kind of comfort. With distinctive details such as the bulbous oak feet that were inspired by the shape of a ball of wool, or the tactile seam stitching; this piece is both idiosyncratic and imaginative.

"My main consideration for designing this sofa was comfort and sustainability. I also wanted it to feel substantial and grounded."

Donna Wilson

Woodgate by Terence Woodgate

A 2023 reissue of the Woodgate sofa system, in original dimensions, that uses natural latex and wool cushions. A visually light and lean design, progressive in its conception and modest in style.

Woodgate sofa by Terence Woodgate.

The Woodgate collection first launched in 1998 and comprises an armchair, chaise-longue and sofa, or as a versatile modular sofa system that allows for L shaped configurations. A timeless design in the truest sense of the term.

"It was designed to be a modular sofa collection. The challenge was to design the shape of the back to work as well as an arm. The arm is pure geometry, it is a trimmed ellipse. I love the way the fabric is continuous on the seat back and the back of the sofa."

Terence Woodgate
SCP 2023 Collection detail

SCP 2023 Upholstery Collection