Ways of Sitting

Milan Design Week 2022

For the 60th Anniversary edition of the Milan Salone del Mobile, SCP are pleased to present an exhibition of new designs situated within the beautiful main cloisters of Padiglione Brera in Brera Design District. After an extended break from exhibiting in Milan, SCP returns with a new energy for the unique and the decorative, and as one of the leading specialist sustainable upholstery makers in the UK.

Presenting a collection that explores the language of sitting through new chair, sofa and table designs. Featuring a selection of pieces that acknowledge the changing domestic and work landscape of modern times, made in materials that are natural, sustainable and liveable.

Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña
Matthew Hilton
Sarah Kay
Philippe Malouin
Wilkinson & Rivera
Donna Wilson
Terence Woodgate

Milan Design Week | 6-12 June 2022
Padiglione Brera
Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro, 3

SCP 2022 Collection

Ewelina by Matthew Hilton

A reclining armchair for a new generation that eschews the idea of formality. A generously proportioned design with an electric powered mechanism that articulates the chair into a reclining position. It sits with poise on a relatively large footprint and has been designed with ultimate comfort in mind.

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Bruno by Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña

An armchair design with one arm lower than the other that acknowledges changes in the culture of sitting. Inspired by Bruno Munari’s celebrated 1944 poster ‘Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable chair’, the Bruno chair is intended to accommodate new gestures and a different language of sitting.

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Camp by Philippe Malouin

A refined angular design with a solid wood frame that evokes the spirit of military camping gear and classic modernist furniture designs. It cleverly utilises tensile cotton fabric to support the upholstered sections, providing an enveloping kind of comfort.

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Puffer by Philippe Malouin

Puffer has been created with a love of simple shapes and the idea of comfort as a function. Working closely with the product development team at SCP’s specialist upholstery factory, Philippe Malouin took inspiration from the feather filled Puffer jacket, to create a design that encloses the sitter in a similar way.

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Silla & Mesa de Baile by Wilkinson & Rivera

An unconventional design inspired by barley twists that features non-Euclidean geometry. Handcrafted by the artists in their east London studio, their pieces require tremendous woodworking skill and feature locally sourced timber, often combined with handwoven cane and. The result is an intricate design that’s beautiful and tactile.

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Group by Philippe Malouin

A design that uses primary shapes in a concise way to form the base, back and seat of each piece. Designed to be both comfortable and tactile, and to work in an array of different settings, the Group sectional sofa is a versatile design that can be configured in multiple different ways. The full collection comprises sofas, armchairs, cocktail chairs and a bed. It was awarded the Design Guild Mark in 2018.


Left & Right by Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña

A pair of small characterful side tables made in two different ways, both with hand-drawn circular tops. They are designed to capture the spirit and magic of Japanese joinery and to appear more hand-made than machine made.

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2022 Collection

At SCP, we work closely with our designers and makers, to keep creativity at the heart of all we do. We hope you enjoy the 2022 Collection.

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Visit us in Milan

6-12 June 2022

Padiglione Brera
Via Cavalieri del Santo Sepolcro, 3