Silla de Baile by Wilkinson & Rivera

Silla de Baile & Mesa de Baile

By Wilkinson & Rivera

An unconventional chair and table design inspired by barley twists that features non-Euclidean geometry.

The De Baile pieces employ a method of construction that ensures strength is retained in the wood sections and that there is very little waste in the production of the design.

Silla de Baile armchair detail.

"We are using, the long term for it is: non-Euclidean geometry. It is basically taking a stock, cutting it twice, cutting it crossways, and refitting it, so there is almost no loss of materials in terms of creating that shape."

Teresa Rivera

The coffee table is the second of the de Baile collection. These unique creations require tremendous woodworking skill and bring together handwoven cane and locally sourced timber. The result is an intricate design that’s beautiful and tactile.

Mesa de Baile.

SCP 2022 Collection