Puffer four seat sofa by Philippe Malouin


2021 Collection

An overview of the 2021 collection, featuring a variety of different furniture typologies for the home and workplace from Matthew Hilton, Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña, Reiko Kaneko, Lucy Kurrein, Philippe Malouin, Donna Wilson, and Terence Woodgate.

The new SCP 2021 Collection includes a debut design for SCP by Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña. A new sofa version of Philippe Malouin’s resplendent Puffer. Two elemental tables from Matthew Hilton, a re-engineered classic sofa from Terence Woodgate. There is a bulbous yet elegant collection of vases from Reiko Kaneko, a distinct textile from Donna Wilson, and a timely update of the Tepee sofa by Lucy Kurrein, which unlocks the potential of the design as an expansive sectional system.

Grove dining table & Constructivist table | Matthew Hilton

A dining table that is pared down to essential elements. It has large cylindrical legs and a top with gently curved edges. The design is of good scale, and has a poise and stature to it. The details are intentionally reductionist and give the table a modest character.

A sculptural design that takes inspiration from Constructivism. Of excellent proportion, the Constructivist side table allows for multiple functions, whether as somewhere to display an object or vase, or place things in daily use, or as a small bookshelf.

Bruno armchair | Ilse Crawford & Oscar Peña

An open-sided armchair design that acknowledges changes in the culture of sitting. Inspired by Bruno Munari’s celebrated 1944 poster ‘Seeking Comfort in an Uncomfortable chair’, the Bruno chair is intended to accommodate new gestures and a different language of sitting.

Puffer armchair and sofa | Philippe Malouin

An experimental design made from sustainable materials that utilises a sectional feather pocket construction to create a soft and rounded kind of comfort.

Tepee sectional sofa | Lucy Kurrein

A new sectional version of the Tepee sofa. The original design set out to reinterpret the sofa typology. It is inspired by the simplicity of the hammock, the possibilities of strong industrial fabrics, and the tactile elegance of high fashion.

Tepee sectional sofa by Lucy Kurrein

Woodgate Radius sofa | Terence Woodgate

A re-engineered version of the Woodgate sofa, a design that has been in continuous production for 26 years. Launched in 1995, it is a visually light and lean piece, progressive in its conception and modest in style.


Bulb vase | Reiko Kaneko

A new Bulb shaped vase addition to the Terracotta collection. This design suggests gestures and is particularly pleasing to touch. It has a bulbous bottom section with a round flat top section, which allows it to be lifted up and move around much like a plate. Notably stable, the design has an internal glaze that gently highlights the fine ridge lines of the clay.

SCP 2021 Collection