Abstract Assembly by Donna Wilson, 2021, collection of sculptures.

Abstract Assembly

By Donna Wilson

A further development of the experimental Abstract Assembly project sees the introduction of a series of tabletop size sculptures for the 2021 collection.

Abstract Assembly began as a project back in 2019, when designer Donna Wilson took a little time off from the hustle and bustle of London to enjoy the open skies and seas of her native Scotland. First shown at SCP in 2020, in the form of chairs and large sculptures, this new development of the project sees the introduction of smaller tabletop size sculptures, some of which feature hand-blown coloured glass elements.

"I realised I had lost my originality and needed to go back to being playful again.”

Donna Wilson
Abstract Assembly by Donna Wilson, 2021. Detail.

The new pieces merge abstract shapes of wood that are constructed using traditional joinery methods, with hand-blown coloured glass sections. Taking painting as a starting point, the project began as an experiment in composition – seeking unique tensions between forms, colours and materials.

With the introduction of hand-blown glass to the process, the objects take on a new sense of purpose, with some sections created specifically for glass to be blown within. The pieces are all made by hand, with either Douglas fir, Oak, or reclaimed wood, and are finished in a combination of both water-based and gloss paint, with a clear natural lacquer.

"They are just a flow of consciousness, looking at forms I like and combining colours."

Donna Wilson
Abstract Assembly 2021, detail.
Abstract Assembly 2021, detail.

Abstract Assembly will be featured throughout July in the second of SCP’s new series of experimental window displays at our Curtain Road store.