Killing My Darlings

by Floris Wubben

We look at an exclusive collection of editions by Studio Floris Wubben, created specially for SCP.

For the One Room Living exhibition during the 2020 London Design Festival, SCP are pleased to launch an exclusive collection of editions by Studio Floris Wubben, entitled “Killing My Darlings”.

The collection features new ceramic vessels and side tables that are all made by hand at the Floris Wubben Studio in Amsterdam, using machines specially designed for the purpose. Each individual form is created from a singular extruded shape of clay, which is then either added to with further structural elements, or has sections removed, to create the final pieces. These unique products have a raw, architectural aesthetic, and come in the studio’s signature palette of glaze colours.

"I mix the glazes myself and like to use earth colours"

Floris Wubben

Founded in Amsterdam in 2009, Studio Floris Wubben is a design studio that produces experimental ceramics and objects that seek to push the boundaries of function and sculpture. All of the designs that they produce are made at their own workshop, where in recent years, a great focus has been put on the development of processes and the design of machines for production. Nature and the use of natural materials are a key theme in the work of the studio, which alongside ceramic pieces, also produces lighting and furniture designs.

Floris Wubben portrait at the Amsterdam studio

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Floris Wubben Collection