Dover sofa by Daniel Schofield


by Daniel Schofield

We take a look at a new sofa design that has been created with both living and working in mind.

For Daniel Schofield, a designer we are very pleased to welcome to the SCP family, the last six months have been surprisingly productive. With a spare room available at his south London home, he set up a mini studio and found himself quite enjoying the extra time lockdown allowed, which he filled with drawing and developing a few ideas that had been on his mind for a while.

Schofield is a designer who is always sketching, mostly, before the new normal, on the bus journey to his studio, which is based in an old plastics factory in Woolwich. When he first met with SCP nearly two years ago to talk about a collaboration, he came armed with pages of sketches and form studies.

"A lot of sketching is done on the bus or train. I take around these little sketch books which are easy to just pull out and working on at any time."

Daniel Schofield
Dover sofa form study by Daniel Schofield

One such sketch stood out, of a sofa and arm detail that folded over at the top to form a platform that the sitter could use to work at. It was from this sketch, that the Dover sofa began its life. After an extended period of development, which was also interrupted by lockdown, the sofa has finally been prototyped for launch at One Room Living.

Dover is a very elegant design, suitable for domestic, office and crossover spaces. It’s a visually and physically light piece, with good proportion and a well resolved sitting position. It utilises a small Oxford seam (a plain seam sewn through) on the end sections and cushions, which lends the design a slimline look. The extended flat arm section for working on, or watching a device, or just for leaning, is supported by a modular lightweight tubular steel frame section, which can be used on any configuration of the design.

"The addition of the Oxford seam makes the design look slimmer, it also outlines the piece and further emphasises that the arm is an area that can be used."

Daniel Schofield
Dover sofa in the window for SCP's One Room Living exhibition.
Daniel Schofield enjoying the Dover at SCP

As with all SCP upholstery pieces, Dover is made by hand at our specialist upholstery in Norfolk and comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frame.

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