Shoreditch Design Triangle

London Design Festival

In this most unprecedented of years, we have taken the decision to make the Shoreditch Design Triangle a free event for all participants.

Established in 2008 by design brand and store SCP, the Shoreditch Design Triangle is a cultural platform that fosters creativity and collaboration in East London. Named after the shape on a map that the cross-section of the roads Old Street, Shoreditch High Street and Great Eastern Street makes, the event has grown beyond its original boundaries to Hackney, Bishopsgate, Broadway Market and more to become the largest London Design Festival district.

Now in its twelfth consecutive year, the event brings together a spectrum of different design-led happenings, reflecting the flourishing creative sector that has taken root in the area. In this most unprecedented of years, we are acutely aware of the challenging circumstances that many of the designers, creatives and local businesses have been facing. This year’s event is a catalyst for renewal and a place to for people to reconvene with new ideas.

Visitors can expect a blend of both physical and digital experiences, making it accessible to all. The programme includes traditional exhibitions that comply with the new normal, window exhibitions viewable from the street, a live pod cast series accessible via our website, walking and bicycle tours, installations, murals, product launches and more.

The Shoreditch Design Triangle is the perfect platform to navigate the area, whether in person or digitally from the comfort of your own home, we encourage you to enjoy a true celebration of the creative sector in the East End.