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Improvised Gestures by Jochen Holz

We are pleased to present an exhibition of work that contextualises Holz' unique approach to designing and making at our Curtain Road showroom.

Improvised Gestures presents the most recent work from Jochen Holz. The London based, German born glassmaker transforms prefabricated glass tubes into one-off glassware pieces using the lampworking technique. Glass is melted over a torch and gently blown, then shaped and fused together, creating a beautiful body of work that is both spontaneous and precise. For this exhibition, we have invited Holz to present a collection of new work, including vessels, tableware and one-off objects.

Holz was initially trained in the highly technical world of Lampworking, which produces glass that is most commonly used for scientific applications. After studying at the RCA, Holz has developed a meditative working practice in East London, where improvisation and controlled experimentation lead his creative output. All objects are made of prefabricated borosilicate glass tubes, a hard and heat resistant type of glass, which makes the functional pieces durable and suitable for everyday usage. The work on show is innately human, capturing in form a specific moment in time.

Improvised Gestures launches as part of London Craft Week 2020, 30 Sept – 8 Oct. The exhibition will continue throughout October.

Jochen Holz Collection

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