Creatives in Lockdown

Alex Hellum

We have asked Norwegian born, UK based designer Alex Hellum how he has been keeping himself busy during lockdown.

“I’ve been working on the project that we (TEN/20) and SCP started a few months ago before the lockdown. It was about using the fabrics from the factory to create this stool.”

“I have had time to make some sculptural pieces made of various timbers and leftover materials.”

“It’s also been lovely to finally have time for some drawing – here’s one of my favourites so far.”

“We’ve been busy running our local store B-Green Store. With the blessing of the local council, we’ve become the hub of the village during lockdown. We deliver fresh vegetables and other essentials to customers in isolation, which has been such a nice experience in these strange times.”

“Like everyone else I think, we are enjoying lots of good food and daily walks with the family.”

“Lastly, I’ve given my workshop a proper clean-up… I had to so to make my studio a bit more presentable for all those Zoom meetings.”

Alex Hellum for SCP