For The Open Road

Design Already Refined

One of the pleasures of lockdown so far has been a huge reduction in traffic, especially in London, where the improvement in air quality is tangible. It got us thinking about what bicycle we would choose if cars and public transport were no longer an option.



Is there a design out there that’s suitable? Something refined over time, reliable, robust, able to carry our shopping or ride to the seaside (when we’re allowed). Something hand-built in Britain, lovingly made, comfortable, but with a little class.

It didn’t take long for us to decide, it would have to be an original Dawes Galaxy 531ST, preferably a later model. Made from Reynolds steel tubing in Birmingham from 1971 until 1990, this icon of touring cycling is the perfect fit – it’s the ultimate do it all bike. As Dawes themselves said in the 1986 catalogue, it’s designed for the open road. Let’s just hope they stay open.

Beautiful Dawes Catalogues can be found here, or enjoy the Dawes Galaxy thread on Flickr, there are plenty about.