Calico Wallpaper

Calico Wallpaper began with the inspiration to move art beyond the frame and incorporate its elements into everyday interior spaces. Through experimentation with the re-appropriation of traditional art forms, and the digital enlargement of unique, handmade patterns, the idea was born to create custom fit, non-repeating wall murals.

A Brand Is Born

Calico is the result of an enforced sabbatical when hurricane Sandy hit in 2012, rendering Rachel and Nick Cope unable to work and indispensable for 6 months. From this unusual circumstance, the concept of their brand was born.

Techniques & Experimentation

Calico’s method embodies years of research in the various disciplines in paper marbling, which have spanned the globe. The arts of Suminagashi and Ebru, emanating from Japan and Turkey centuries ago are both evident in their inaugural collection. The expansion of traditional practices is what makes Calico Wallpaper truly unique. By drawing on the past, present and future, they create something entirely new.

Made to Order

Calico wallpaper is designed to fit each interior perfectly. They create unique immersive environments and configure their designs to custom spaces.


Studio Toogood | Muse

A collaboration that celebrates the diversity of womankind.

Hand painted by Faye Toogood, this collection features a tableau of female faces that both complement and intermingle with one another. Each installation takes a unique form, highlighting the celebration of individuality that is fundamental to the design.

Philippe Malouin | The Shape & The Colour

A collection that invites investigation, play, and discovery.

Taking inspiration from Matisse’s cut-outs, The Color & The Shape transforms an expansive wall space into an interactive surface for collage. Constructed from hand-cut forms made from eclectic materials, it offers an immersion in simple shapes and textures. This collection is available as a custom product.

Ana Kraš | Mira & Miloš

A playful sense of spatial depth by color shifts within a hand drawn line.

A collection consisting of two distinct styles – Mira and Miloš. Mira features lines crossing and making an imperfect net inspired by woven tapestries. Miloš features horizontal lines shifting into various bold and subtle colours.



An exploration of nature, and the interconnection of all things.

Available in two variants – Lunaris and Night, Wabi is influenced by Wabi-Sabi and acknowledges the beauty in impermanence, transience, and imperfection. Lunaris is the result of a detailed study of lunar photography, while Night was inspired by the rich marble in the Hall of Mirrors at the Palace of Versailles.

Inverted Spaces

A celebration of the infinite space that has surrounded us since the dawn of time.

A collaboration with BCXSY, Inverted Spaces transforms NASA satellite imagery into a series of constellational portraits. It explores the beauty of the infinite expansion of the universe.


A reflection on the endless variation in each day’s cycle of dawn and dusk.

Often used in meditation rooms, the Aurora collection is designed to immerse viewers in waves and washes of atmospheric color. Each Aurora pattern is a study in the relationship between light, color, place and mood.


An awakening to the beauty in the weatherings of time.

Satori features a striking metallic line that is inspired by Kintsugi—the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. Perhaps the only wallpaper to ever be printed on metallic leaf in such a way the Satori Collection combines luxurious materials and textures with watercolors’ soft hues.



An illusion of water’s invisible movements.

Sumi is named after the Japanese tradition of Suminagashi marbling. This ancient art form involves floating richly colored inks in water to create naturally emerging patterns. The Sumi Collection invites deep reflection, simultaneously evoking the shape of earth, stone, water, and air.

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