London Design Festival 2019 | SCP Collection

Presenting new SCP upholstery and furniture designs for 2019 in a collection that seeks to re-imagine traditional typologies. Sarah Kay has created a solid oak dining table and bench, which are based on the classic barn table and bench, but are elevated through intricate and beautiful woodworking details. Matthew Hilton has designed a new open-sided upholstered armchair of great elegance and poise. Faudet-Harrison debut the new Pillar sofa, short for caterpillar, the design is created to form itself around stationary objects in a room. While American designer David Weeks, in his first products for SCP, has created two sofas that take inspiration from manmade forms.

Explore the SCP 2019 Collection until Sunday 22 September at our Shoreditch showroom.

135 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3BX

Monday–Friday: 9.30am–7.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am–6.00pm
Sunday: 11.00am–5.00pm

Jethro table and bench

Sarah Kay

Jethro is a modern table and bench that takes inspiration from the rustic tradition of old barn typologies. It is a design that uses traditional joinery in a refined and sensitive way. The table top is supported by two leg frames that are bolted to the top and then braced by a long rail peg at either end. Beautiful details make this well-crafted design stand out. The legs are broad but have chamfered inside edges, which catch the light and create a slim silhouette, the chamfered table top adds to the light aesthetic. The end rails of the base frame have through tenons that are wedged on the outside of the legs, showing a textured end grain detail, they are fixed with walnut pegs, which contrast well with the solid ask of the table. Sarah Kay has employed her classical understanding of woodworking in this design, creating something that is both layered and beautifully simple. Made in either solid European ash with American walnut pegs, or solid American walnut with White American oak pegs.

Colemore armchair

Matthew Hilton

A new upholstered armchair by Matthew Hilton that has open arms, a wooden base and good style and line. Matthew Hilton excels in upholstery design, his freehand approach and depth of understanding of the materials in play allow him to create refined sculptural pieces that have real strength of character. This piece has a very modern attitude, but was inspired by the many examples of open armed armchair designs from the Victorian and Edwardian period. Hilton has utilised the traditional techniques available at the SCP specialist upholstery factory to create a design that has subtle curves and a striking silhouette. The chair is upholstered using a combination of rubberised coconut hair, wool felt, needled wool and recycled foam. The back is webbed, sprung and elasticated, upholstered with rubberised coconut hair, wool felt and needled wool.

Beam desk

Matthew Hilton

The Beam desk is an extension to a product family that is defined by its angular shape and straightforward construction. This is a refined design that effortlessly blends steel and wood. Unerringly simple in form; the desk top is a slim rectangular box with a recessed invisible drawer, which sits on a set of narrow steel legs. It is a design created to serve a basic function while minimising visual noise. The tabletop box section is made from MDF veneered with American walnut, while the drawer itself, which fits between the legs of the frame, is made from solid American walnut. The legs are made from brushed stainless steel and have a cross beam between the front and back legs for stability.

Pillar sofa


The Pillar sofa is a design made for relaxing and lengthy lounging. Fully upholstered to the floor, it has a continuous seam detail that lends it an organic look. Pillar has taken its name from the humble Caterpillar, and like it has a soft, slightly bulbous profile. It is a fully upholstered design that is intentionally soft. A continuous seam detail running vertically around the design gives character, but also creates a natural break point for modular versions.  Faudet-Harrison are long standing SCP collaborators and their understanding of the complexities of upholstery making has allowed them to create a design of great comfort, flexible enough in concept to be appropriate in domestic, commercial or public settings. Made from a plywood and beech frame, with an elasticated webbed seat. It is upholstered with multi-layers of foam and is topped off with a profiled foam. The cover is sewn with a discrete seam detail that is pulled into the valley of the profile.

Sonar sofa

David Weeks

New York based American designer David Weeks has designed an unconventional sofa that takes inspiration from the lines of early radar dishes. It is a design that pushes the boundaries of traditional upholstery making, forcing SCP’s specialist upholstery factory to innovate construction methods and experiment with materials. Sonar is an unconventional and angular design with a wooden base. Weeks is a strong believer in process and he is liberated by the variety of projects that he takes on. His un-prescriptive approach to creating objects is a good fit for upholstery design, where the nature of the materials require a flexible and progressive mindset. Sonar is made from hardwood ply, foam and separate panels that are fastened using steel braces. The upholstered section sits on a turned solid American oak base. The upholstery is fixed to the base through the arms and back legs.

Winchester sofa

David Weeks

New York based American designer David Weeks has created a piece with a formal cut and shape, but a modern look through the use of extended pleats on the seat and back to give the cushions their tension. The Winchester sofa is a new take on a formal typology, with an upholstered frame separate from the seat and back cushions. With the addition of small unconventional details, Weeks has created a design of great elegance and style. His un-prescriptive approach to creating objects is a good fit for upholstery design, where the nature of the materials require a flexible and progressive mindset. Made from a beech frame, zig zag sprung seat base with an elasticated web back. The arms and top rail of the back have a wrap of plastizote and needled wool for increased comfort. The seat and back cushions are foam with a Dacron wrap and a quilted cover. The outside back is also quilted, while the legs are in beech.

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