London Design Festival 2019 | SCP Curtain Road

The Landscape of Symbols | 14-22 September

SCP host a programme of exhibitions titled The Landscape of Symbols. Collectively they seek to explore our relationship with the unmade world that surrounds us and how it influences the objects we make and use.

135 Curtain Road
London EC2A 3BX

Monday–Friday: 9.30am–7.00pm
Saturday: 9.30am–6.00pm
Sunday: 11.00am–5.00pm

Opening Party
Tuesday 17 September, 6–9pm | Please click here to RSVP

Talk with Sarah Kay, Philippe Malouin and Jason Miller hosted by ELLE Decoration editor Ben Spriggs.
Wednesday 18 September, 3–4pm | Please click here to RSVP




SCP 2019 Collection

Presenting new SCP upholstery and furniture designs for 2019 in a collection that seeks to re-imagine traditional typologies. Sarah Kay has created a solid oak dining table and bench, which are based on the classic barn furniture typologies, but are elevated through intricate and beautiful woodworking details. Matthew Hilton has designed a new open-sided upholstered armchair of great elegance and poise. Faudet-Harrison debut the new Pillar sofa, short for caterpillar, the design is created to form itself around stationary objects in a room. While American designer David Weeks, in his first products for SCP, has created two sofas that take inspiration from manmade forms.

Matthew Hilton | Colemore armchair
Faudet-Harrison | Pillar sofa
Sarah Kay | Jethro table and bench
David Weeks | Sonar sofa and Winchester sofa

Abstract Assembly by Donna Wilson

Presenting a new body of limited-edition work from long-time SCP collaborator Donna Wilson. Featuring hand-painted natural wood chairs, mirrors and sculptures in non-linear shapes.

Last year, after 16 years of working for the most part on small scale production pieces, Donna Wilson took a little time out to rediscover her creative roots and find a new direction for her work. After a period by the sea and under the sky, she has immersed herself in the world of materials, processes and colour, the outcome being a new body of work that is raw, experimental and refreshingly playful. Taking painting as a starting point, she has created new three dimensional objects in wood that use traditional joinery methods and vibrant combinations of colours.

“The process is something that I cannot tell someone else to do, it’s intuitive, and there’s a lot of changing, and standing back and looking, letting things breathe, and understanding the relationship between shapes and colour and what works together.” Donna Wilson

Raami by Jasper Morrison

Present the new Raami collection by Jasper Morrison for Iittala. Raami, meaning ‘frame’ in Finnish, gives space for the shared, lasting moments. The carefully composed pieces of the collection work together to promote a good atmosphere around the table, from the morning to the evening. Raami is presented here in table settings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like a family, or a group of friends, each member of Raami brings their own characteristics to the table.

“I have a feeling that the days of the fully matched tableware sets are over. What counts more these days is the atmosphere of the table. I noticed that a table with unmatched well-chosen pieces loosens the formality of a table setting and helps create a more homely and relaxed atmosphere. Raami items work together in an interesting way, influencing not just the atmosphere but behaviours as well. Every item in the Raami collection is an equal part of the entity, perfect on its own, yet meaningful to the collection.” Jasper Morrison

Floris Wubben Ceramics

Introducing new designs from Amsterdam based ceramicist Floris Wubben. Founded in Amsterdam in 2009, Studio Floris Wubben is a design studio that produces experimental ceramics and objects that seek to push the boundaries of function and sculpture. All of the designs that they produce are made at their own workshop, where in recent years, a great focus has been put on the development of processes and the design of machines for production. Nature and the use of natural materials are a key theme in the work of the studio, which alongside ceramic pieces, also produces lighting and furniture designs.