David Weeks Studio Otto One Arm Pendant

David Weeks Studio

Lighting Collection

SCP are pleased to present the UK launch of the David Weeks Studio collection of lighting.

In early December, an exhibition of key pieces from the collection is being held on the first floor of SCP. In a specially designed space, versions of the Torroja, Sarus, Acaba and Hanging Mobile suspension lights are on show.

David Weeks is a New York based designer, who is widely regarded as one of the main instigators in the emergent design scene that has grown and taken hold in the city since the mid-1990s. His studio is now established as part of the New York design firmament, with a showroom in Tribeca and a production headquarters in Brooklyn.

His large scale and striking lighting designs are an exercise in originality, notable for their sculptural details and machined elements, they often defy predictable manufacturing techniques, and their completion relies heavily on the physicality of each of their individual elements.

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David Weeks with the Otto suspension light by David Weeks Studio
David Weeks, the New York based designer, with the Otto suspension light.

"Lighting is the jewellery of the home"

David Weeks

The Story of the Studio

Originally from Athens Georgia, David Weeks studied painting and sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design, before moving to New York. He cut his teeth working at the studio of jewellery designer Ted Muehling, before setting up his own studio in 1996. Initially, he made a collection of table lights, which caught the attention of the interior design and architecture communities and he soon found himself commissioned to make larger more sculptural pieces for New York clients with expansive living spaces. He has been quoted as saying “lighting is the jewellery of the home”. As his studio and clients base grew, Weeks found that his approach to objects and projects, which has been described as “formal reduction”, has helped to define the look and sensibility of the New York design scene.

Since the studio was founded two decades ago, it has evolved to produce a broad collection of elemental lighting fixtures, upholstered seating, sculptural objects, and toys, all with a shared sense of materiality and detailing. There is a relaxedness and confidence in the work, something that Weeks attributes to his simple faith in process, in the fact that things usually work out, and in the pleasure of doing the work itself.

David Weeks Studio showroom in Tribeca New York
David Weeks Studio showroom in Tribeca New York

The Collection

The full collection is available exclusively through SCP and the exhibition sees versions of the Sarus Mobile, Torroja Cross, Acaba and the Hanging Mobile on show.

Other key designs from the collection are the One Arm Sconce, Shell Sconce, Boi Sconce, Otto Torch, Otto X, Doublepod, Monopod, Cement Standing, Tri Boi, Akimbo, Oseo, Hennen Mobile, Kopra and Lapa, a selection of which are shown below.

The David Weeks Studio collection of lighting is available to order through both SCP Contracts and the SCP Store from the 5th of December 2018.

Find out more about how the designs are made by watching the David Week Studio shop tour, a film that showcases the Brooklyn production facility, on a cold and snowy day last year.

David Weeks Studio on SCP Store