Hack A Huddle

This year, to celebrate the launch of the first production version of the Penguin Huddle, we invited a number of SCP designers and collaborators to ‘Hack A Huddle’.

Shelves everywhere, those populated with books or not, always get used as a place for other objects. These are often objects that have something inherently interesting about them to their owner; they may be keepsakes, or just for reference, they may evoke memories, or simply be beautiful. One thing they usually share is a scale, they are the size of something that fits on a shelf.

The brief asked collaborators to take a Huddle and populate it with whatever they liked, be it objects, books, keepsakes or anything else from the material strata. The full collection will displayed at SCP during the London Design Festival, 15-23 September, as part of A World Of Ordinary Things.

Top; 'Tyranical Ruler', Penguin Huddle hacked by Poppy Booth. Above; 'Spine', by Reiko Kaneko, left, and 'Champagne', by Philippe Malouin, right.
'Push Pull', Penguin Huddle hacked by Michael Marriott.
'Two's Company', Penguin Huddle hacked by Jon Harrison.

The Penguin Huddle
By Jasper Morrison

In 2017, SCP were invited by Penguin to create a new home for books. A year in the making, the result is an original design by Jasper Morrison, manufactured by SCP, named the Penguin Huddle. It is a portable book clamp that provides a new way to store books and can be placed anywhere around the home or workplace.

The Penguin Huddle is made from two sections of folded aluminium joined together with a sliding mechanism. It can hold between 18 and 27 books and accommodates paperbacks of all sizes. This new design explores how we experience books, connecting the way we read with the way we live.

‘Huddle’ is a collective noun for a group of Penguins.