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Line, Colour & Form

With her bold use of line, colour and form, it is near impossible not to be charmed by the visual language of Nathalie du Pasquier. As a founding member of the Memphis Italian design group, she first became known in the 1980’s for her colourful and confident portfolio of print and product designs. Progressively encompassing painting and sculpture, her practice remains undefined by the classic boundaries of art and design, a feat celebrated in her series of sculptural vases produced for Bitossi Ceramiche.

With this design collaboration and her current exhibition ‘Other Rooms’ at the Camden Arts Centre making us weak at the knees. Join us as we escape into the wonderful world of Nathalie du Pasquier.

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Installation views of Nathalie Du Pasquier: Other Rooms at Camden Arts Centre, 2017. Photos: Damian Griffiths

‘Other Rooms’ sees painting and architecture combined, with images extending beyond the canvas, transforming the gallery space into plains of composition. As viewers explore the exhibition, unique perspectives evolve from the layering of two and three-dimensional forms. With numerous new paintings, drawings and sculptures on display, du Pasquier challenges the conventions of formal gallery arrangements. Utilising her skills as a painter she has created an experience with the power to transport her audience to another place.

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Outside of the gallery environment, du Pasquier riotous post-modernist style has inspired numerous design collaborations. For acclaimed Italian manufacturer Bitossi Ceramiche, she has created a series of vases. Each a limited edition of 299, the ceramic vessels come in three sculptural styles. Playfully reminiscent of a totem, the vases are modular, allowing the functional top section to be removed. Mirroring the palette and forms explored by her paintings and sculptures, these designs have an inherent tactility and unique spatial presence.

With the diversity of her practice and boldness of her abstractions seeing no sign of decreasing. Whether it takes the form of a room or a vessel, Nathalie du Pasquier creates art which is designed to be experienced.

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With thanks to the Camden Arts Centre.

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