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Dutch Wood

This week marks Dutch Design Week, an annual event which takes place in Eindhoven every October. Bringing together over 2500 designers, DDW provides the opportunity to exhibit, lecture, debate and celebrate forward-thinking design.

With the core values of experimentation, innovation and pushing the boundaries of different creative disciplines at its heart. The festival reflects the design philosophy of Piet Hein Eek. Since launching his acclaimed Scrapwood furniture in the late 1980’s, Eek has gained international recognition for creating work which blurs the lines between art and design.

Combining meticulous craftsmanship with an environmentally conscious design methodology, the Dutch designer highlights the value of mundane, and often discarded, materials. From his Eindhoven-based workshop, he creates furniture which is unique, highly sought after and on display in many galleries across the world.

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Water Tower Dresser

The latest addition to our Piet Hein Eek collection, the Water Tower dresser is made from reclaimed cedar wood, imported from New York city. In New York, timber was often used to build water towers and the roof-top structures which dot the iconic metropolis skyline. Traditionally favoured over metal, the wood is highly moisture and weather proof, and offers better protection against fluctuating temperatures.

Lightweight and tactile, the recycled cedar beams prove ideal for interior furniture. Each has a distinct patina which tells the story of their former purpose. Alike to Eek’s Scrapwood collection, each dresser is one of a kind. The designer uses the varying beam lengths and widths as starting points, and adjusts every dresser accordingly. Through this bespoke production method very little material is wasted, and every piece created has an artisan appeal.

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Scrapwood Collection

Born from a graduate project, Eek presented his first Scrapwood cupboard in 1989. Built out of salvaged wood sourced from demolished buildings, the furniture presented a rough aesthetic and imperfect beauty unlike anything else seen at the time.

Every piece of Scrapwood furniture is crafted from hand-selected planks of wood. Each is cut, sanded, arranged, glued, nailed and lacquered to create decorative and often colourful marquetry surfaces. In addition to these flat surfaces, visibly stacked edges are left exposed, further highlighting the process of construction. The Scrapwood product range has grown to include cabinets, dining tables, chairs, bed side tables and children’s furniture.

In countering waste both through material choice and production method, Eek’s furniture remains as relevant to contemporary design conversation as they do to that of collectable, design icons. As part of a portfolio which includes ceramics, watches and wallpaper, discover the full Piet Hein Eek collection now.

Explore the Piet Hein Eek Collection

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