100 Years of Finnish Independence

For over one hundred years Finland was part of the Russian Empire. Following the Russian revolution and their losses in WW1 Finland seized their chance. Independence was granted on the 6th of December 1917 and every year Finns around the world celebrate the day.

This weekend SCP are celebrating the centenary by inviting you to join us in store for some delicious Piirakka.


On Saturday the 21st of October, Proper Piirakka will be selling their handmade treats for £2 at our shop on Curtain road. Piirakka are traditional Finish pasties made with rice, wheat and rye. Traditional fillings include potato, carrot and rice, however Aapo Nieminen, the baker behind these pasties, creates his signature smashed egg butter topping.

Proper Piirakka began when Aapo moved to London from Finland and missed his beloved Piirakka (also known as Karelian). Having previously asked family and friends to bring them on their visits, he decided to make some himself and quickly a love of baking began. Aapo now graces London markets with his delicious Piirakka. With a company tag line of ‘Rice, Rye and a whole lot of love,’ it really does seem like the best way to celebrate one hundred years of independence.

Finland have produced some the worlds most iconic designers, including Alvar Aalto, Tapio Wirkkala and Eero Saarinen and companies such as Iitala, Marimekko and Artek. Browse through some of our favourite Finnish products below.

The theme of this centenary year is ‘together,’ so lets come together, eat some delicious snacks and look at some great Finnish designs.

  1. Siirtolapuutarha coffee cup By Sami Ruotsalainen £16.00
  2. Siirtolapuutarha plate By Sami Ruotsalainen £26.00
  3. Womb Chair By Eero Saarinen £3,260.40
  4. Aalto vase By Alvar Aalto £125.00
  5. Ilma walltet By Marimekko £
  6. Kartio Tumblers By Kaj Franck £75.00
  7. Mid-Century Modern Complete £60.00
  8. Ultima Thule bowl By Tapio Wirkkala £39.00
  9. Teema mug By Kaj Franck £14.50
  10. Saapaicakirja serving dish By Aino-Maija Metsola £75.00
  11. Aalto vase By Alvar Aalto £131.00
  12. Saarinen oval table By Eero Saarinen £6,626.40

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