Chelsea Flower Show

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Whether you know your gerbera from your geraniums, or can’t see a rose for the thorns, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a stalwart of any horticultural calendar for both green-fingers and black thumbs alike. An annual celebration of all things floral, it’s been around every year since 1862 in one form or another, and for good reason, too.

Renowned for the greatest gardens around, the Chelsea Flower Show is no stranger to outlandish designs made to catch your eye. We’ve picked five of our favourite facts from the show below. And, if this so happens to sow the seed of great garden ideas for your own plot, then look no further than our palatial plant-inspired edit – from planters to patio furniture, you’ll go from jungle to show lawn in no time.

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Chelsea Flower Show

Five floral facts about RHS Chelsea Flower Show

1. Until 2013, gnomes were banned from the show… although exhibitors would often sneak them in. For one year only, 150 gnomes were granted entry to greet the Queen, and then promptly returned to hiding around the exhibitions.

2. One of the most controversial garden in the show’s history was Paul Cooper’s ‘Cool and Sexy’ garden in 1994. Featuring a grille that blew air up the skirts of unsuspecting women. Not cool or sexy, Paul.

3. In 1932, the rain was so severe that the summerhouse display fell to pieces. More like Chelsea Shower Flow.

4. During the 2015 show the crowd consumed 10,823 glasses of champagne, 7,720 glasses of Pimms, 28,447 baked goods and 64,144 hot drinks. Hic.

5. Up until 2000, the Chelsea Flower Show was held in a Guinness World Record holding tent, before moving into the pavilion. The tent was recycled into 7000 bags, aprons and jackets.

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