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When it comes to being ambassadors of British manufacturing, we’re proud to support homegrown talent and to be a platform for crafters to showcase their designs. So, as St George’s Day approaches, we thought it was a fine time to take a closer look at the connection we have with the creative communities around England.

From SCP’s specialist factory in Norfolk to hand-thrown pottery in Stoke-on-Trent and terrific terracotta handmade in Suffolk – here’s how SCP champions British design.

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British Manufacturing 1

Behind the Seams in Norfolk


The Oscar collection by Matthew Hilton for SCP has fast become one of our most popular designs. With its pleasing balance between traditional and modern design, large in size yet light in appearance, the Oscar demonstrates the finest that SCP has to offer. From Matthew Hilton’s incredible vision, through to the hands of the master upholsterers turning his designs into reality.

Like all SCP upholstery, it’s produced and made at SCP’s specialist upholstery factory in Norfolk. Making everything under one roof allows a 360 approach to the manufacturing our upholstery, understanding, controlling and pushing the needle forward with sustainable design.

The upholstery factory sits at the heart of our manufacturing process. With a small dedicated team of pattern cutters, seamsters and seamstresses, upholsterers, product developers and designers. They work closely together to create each piece of furniture under one roof.

Every item of furniture is made to exacting standards using time honoured techniques and renewable materials; from the FSC approved beech for the frames to the foam replaced with a sustainable alternative of renewable materials such as wool and natural fibres.

You’ll find a real family atmosphere at the factory, it’s a place where expertise and knowledge are shared and designs are made collectively.

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Firing up in Stoke-on-Trent and Suffolk


As more craftspeople have moved out of London, new hotspots for design have fired up around the country. Creative Living Country by Chloe Grimshaw shines a light on this: “The countryside has always held appeal for those trapped in the urban jungle, as it can be difficult for artful minds to isolate themselves from the 24/7 stimuli that cities bring. With a greater appetite for ‘authentic’ experiences, working practices and creative inspiration, metropolitan talents are setting up studios far from the madding crowd. Combining a more relaxed lifestyle, budding entrepreneurship and social media, a new generation of young creatives is redefining ‘country living’.”

Cue, Pottery production in Staffordshire, where SCP designers Reiko Kaneko, Donna Wilson and Terence Woodgate work with master ceramicists and potters of the area to produce their designs for SCP.

The are dates back to at least the 17th Century, due to the abundance of clay, salt, and lead for glazing, alongside coal to fire the kilns. SCP use two factories to make their designs here, and are pleased to work with a part of the British industry that was once at the forefront of the industrial revolution.

SCP also produce a range of terracotta vessels and products, handmade in Suffolk. The specialist factory we use share their knowledge of the clay with our designers, creating modern designs from the age old techniques.

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