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The best day of the year has really crêped up on us. And if Pancake Day has taken you by surprise too, then look to our kitchen essentials below that are nothing short of a recipe for success. All you need to do is add a little butter, milk and vanilla extract to your dry mix base and voila! You’ll be gobbling down pancakes in no time.

Don’t worry if the first pancake (or three) turn out to be more flop than flip (it’s a universal truth for everyone). Instead, focus your attention on our easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy topping ideas below. Whether you prefer sweet to savoury, fruity or classic, these indulgent ingredients will provide the most delicious toppings for your crêpe creations.

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Maple, golden, caramel… Colours have never sounded so delicious. Make your meal a feast for eyes with the studio glaze artic jug by Reiko Kaneko, £29

Sometimes you just can’t beat good old fashioned sugar and lemon. Add the perfect finish to your pancakes with a sweet sprinkling from the Cha sugar bowl by Naoto Fukasawa for Alessi, £50

Do you go bananas for berries? Are your crepes in need of some lemon-aid? Get zesty with this wooden juicer by Fair Forward, £18.50

Whether yours is a single or double, do your dairy justice and pour it from the Canteen cream jug by Fairmont & Main, £11

Not a fan of dessert? No problem! Season your culinary creation in style with these animal salt and pepper shakers, £19.50

Just in case you needed another reason to love pancakes, they can also be part of a balanced meal. Plump for buckwheat, add a hearty handful of your five-a-day and serve up on the cabbage leaf plate by Van Verre, £25

Whether you’re a confident cook or a first-timer, you’ve got to have a go at flipping. After all that fun, show your kitchen some love with the table brush set by Iris Hantverk, £29.95

Disclaimer: dropped pancakes may occur.

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