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Easter opening hours

SCP East and SCP West

Good Friday 11am-5pm
Saturday 9.30am-6pm
Easter Monday 11am-5pm

It’s coming up to the most wonderful time of the year. A day that encourages you to eat as much chocolate as you can possibly fit in your mouth. You might also know it as Easter.

And while there are plenty of other reasons to love it (the tradition, long-awaited four day weekend, family fun and Easter egg hunts) we have to admit, our all-time favourite part hasn’t changed since we were little: the chocolate. So this year, we’ve decided to call off the annual egg scavenge and cut straight to good bit – the treats.

From to sea salt caramel eggs to sweet tooth-tingling chocolates and cracking homeware for savoury lovers, we’ve hatched up the most amazing treats with our Easter edit.

Sorry kids, we’ll be keeping these mouth-watering confections all to ourselves.

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