Five Alive

The February cold snap is reaping havoc on our immune system. And we know we’re not sniffling alone. Even if you’re swapping cocktails for mocktails in a bid to maintain a relatively healthy lifestyle, winter is bound to grace you with some sort of sickly ailment: whether it’s a snuffly nose, a thorny cough or a full blown fever. *Achoo.*

Fortunately, our feel-good edit of health-inspired accessories makes keeping on top of your winter greens a lot more enjoyable than that sludgy green juice you’ve been grimacing at since breakfast. From veggie ceramics to seasonal guides to fruit and veg and city-dweller plant pots, get ready to show Jack Frost who’s boss with this all-natural collection.

Okay, okay, so they won’t cure the common cold, but they sure do beat the blues.

five a day

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