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Korbo baskets
Korbo baskets in production

Korbo's hand-woven baskets

A look at Korbo's handmade steel baskets

Published: November 24, 2015

Category: Products

Korbo steel Baskets are now available from SCP. Korbos handwoven wire baskets date back to 1920s, Sweden, where they were predominantly used by fishermen and farmers. The Korbo baskets are carefully made by hand and are crafted to be durable, robust objects that can withstand the wear and tear of heavy weather.

Korbo baskets used for potato picking
Korbo baskets used for potato picking

The manufacture of these baskets began in 1922 in Furufjäll where each basket was individually hand-woven from one piece of wire. Today, Korbo have stayed true to their original technique. Using a single piece of wire, eradicates the needs for welds and creates a stronger product.

The hand-woven technique used to make these pieces is a craft that requires years of practice to refine and master. Each basket is unique and signed by the craftsman who made it.

The Korbo baskets come in two variations of steel. Galvanised steel and acid proof stainless steel. Galvanised steel has been used for over 150 years,and is valued for its prevention of corrosion, turning matte over time. The second steel has the addition of chrome, nickel and molybdenum; this provides it with acid proof qualities ideal for the outdoor use.

There are three series within the Korbo collection; Classic 35, Bucket and Bin. All with the same principle it is their slight differences that make them useful for different tasks.