Woodworking workshops at Dartington

Wood wizard, furniture designer, woodsman, lumberjack and timber frame carpenter Ambrose Vevers, is an Ashburton local and is sharing his skills in a series of woodworking workshops at Shaumacher College. Vevers’ light and versatile style of furniture compliments both past and contemporary traditions.

The courses are aimed at anyone looking to gain a hands-on, introductory experience to wood-working and you’ll walk away with new skills such as steam bending and spokehaving, as well as your own finely crafted creations. You’ll have the chance to learn skills in creating either contemporary home wares, think toast tongs, cheese and bread boards, boot racks and coat hooks in a weekend one day course, or a 10 week stool making class, taking place on Wednesday evenings.

Schumacher College is located in Dartingon, Devon and all of their courses are deeply grounded in an ecological and holistic worldview.

Contemporary Woodworking Homewares
Weekend 15-16 August, 10–4pm
Make toast tongs, salad servers, boot racks and chopping boards.

Woodworking Evening Class
9 September for 10 weeks 6-9pm
10 weeks
Make a contemporary stool and homewares.



Schumacher College

The Old Postern

Dartington, Totnes, Devon