Naturally Gifted

The sun is out and it’s time to head outside at last. Taking inspiration from the great outdoors, we have created a selection of beautiful designs all made in natural materials.

Bring the outdoors in with the recycled wood collection of tables by Piet Hein Eek. The Waste and Canteen Table are meticulously crafted in his studio using classic wood-working techniques. His instantly recognisable design language creates products of vibrancy and grace.

For natural beauty, look no further than the designs of Fort Standard. They utilise a range of materials in their work, including American walnut and oak, fine bone china and metal alloys such as brass. Often using traditional methods of production in innovative ways, they have developed a unique design language rooted in simplicity and functionality.

Designer, Reiko Kaneko, has created an elegant modern range of vessels in a classic material. Tiny variations in form, and the evidence of being made by hand, give these designs an idiosyncratic beauty all their own.


Terracotta range by Reiko Kaneko for SCP

This range comprises a tallpitcher, a large flat platter and a large bowl. Finished with an opaque glaze, which makes the vessel watertight, a number of partial and full glaze options are available. Each design is made by hand and is therefore unique. Designer, Reiko Kaneko, has created an elegant modern range of vessels in a classic material. Tiny variations in form, and the evidence of being made by hand, give these designs an idiosyncratic beauty all their own. Available in a range of glazed, partially glazed and unglazed options. Hand made in Suffolk, England.

View the terracotta range 

Blocks and Peaks range by Donna Wilson for SCP

Designed by Donna Wilson and produced by The people of the sun, a non-profit social enterprise based in Malawi. The blocks and peaks linen baskets and place mats are hand made by The Mango Club weavers in Malawi.

View the blocks and peaks range

Forte collection by XLBoom

As the name depicts the Forte collection by XLBoom is a strong and durable range of accessories made of white marble, a sustainable material. The range consists of bowls, platters and candle holders in a range of sizes.

View the marble Forte collection


Marble wall clock by Menu

Elegant marble clock designed by Norm Architects from Denmark for Menu. The marble clock is stripped from all unnecessary details with the hour and minute hands in lacquered brass being the only detailing on the face, keeping the design minimalistic. The clock is made from green marble (Verde Guatemala) and is available in a matte white or black.

View the marble wall clock collection 


Plank chopping board by Fort Standard 

These American Walnut cutting boards are designed to look great hanging on your wall and feature long handles to make serving easier. The large donut-like hanging hole allows the boards to be hung from almost any hook or nail. Available in three shapes, circle, diamond and triangle.

View the plank chopping boards

Scrapwood wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek for Pad Home

Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek brings his famous scrapwood style to these incredible wallpapers. They emulate planks of wooden panelling for your walls, with none of the hassle of real wood. Perfect for a feature wall. The top-quality FSC certified paper is available in four different wood plank types which aren’t printed in any particular pattern. Each roll contains 4.4m² of unique scrapwood to transform your walls.

View the scrapwood wallpaper collection

Waste bin Scrapwood table by Piet Hein Eek

The Waste Table is meticulously crafted in Piet Hein Eek’s studio using traditional wood-working technique. It brings his quintessential vocabulary of recycled wood collage to a table design of exceptional grace. Each table is completed with a characteristic high gloss finish.

View the high gloss scrapwood table

Vintage Moroccan rugs

Beni M’rirt, Azilal, and Beni Ourain rugs are all named after the Moroccan tribes which produce them. These single-knot rugs use undyed black or brown wool against a background of white high grade sheep wool

View the collection of vintage Moroccan rugs 

Ishinomaki stool kit by Keiji Ashizawa

The Ishinomaki stool has been specially designed at their furniture-making workshop for locals and primary school students in collaboration with Herman Miller. Members at Ishinomaki Laboratory examined what was missing in temporary housing in the area, and they found that a step stool or chair for wearing shoes in the entrance of houses was needed. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the Ishinomaki stool represents perfectly the Compact Outdoors concept of Ishinomaki Laboratory.

View the Ishinomaki Laboratory collecetion

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