Crêpe Crazy

If you were on Curtain Road this Saturday, you may have noticed a delicious smell wafting from the forecourt of SCP East. To celebrate the opening of the Design Department Store, we brought a bite-sized chunk of Breton to our own front door in the circular form of lovely crêpe-creator, Crêpes Laviec.

Here they are, serving up amazing home-made crêpes complete with a range of savoury or sweet toppings. All this, with a smile and what’s more, they were giving them away to SCP customers for free.

After sampling most of the menu, SCP concluded that it was too difficult to pick a favourite although the brie, mango & rocket and salted caramel were both close contenders.

Our designers turned up in force to sample the French delights. Donna Wilson, Jochem Faudet and Mark McGinnis enjoyed their’s whilst basking in the unseasonably hot sunshine.

Some found it harder than others to decide upon a topping.


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