Max & Peter Kater left lucrative jobs in the fashion and corporate worlds when they realised there was a market for housecleaning products that weren’t full of chemicals. There is another way.

The products are practical, elegant, extremely durable and authentically eco-friendly. And in lovely bottles.

Design Department Store will see the official UK launch of the range which will then be stocked in its entirety at SCP stores.

The products themselves are innovative and they work. Take this spritzer. It’s the very first domestic use product design for both spot cleaning upholstery AND everyday dusting of all types of furniture.

And what of the name? Max explains “Murchison-Hume is taken from my Father-In-Law, Dr. Roderick Murchison-Hume Kater. From the moment I heard it I loved it. To me, it has just the right mix of style and old-school gravitas.” A perfect fit for the brand.

Who knows, with products like this we might even enjoy cleaning the bathroom?

Enjoy is a strong word.



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