You should read Apartamento magazine

Think print magazines are dead? Think again. An ‘everyday life interiors magazine’ which started in a bedroom in Barcelona is quietly growing into an international phenomenon. 

Dubbed the world’s hippest interiors magazine, Apartamento features lived-in, loved spaces, often with their owner in them, rather than the immaculate show homes traditionally seen in interiors publications. Nacho Alegre of Apartemento tells the Guardian “It’s not about design and products. We’re not design fetishists. The idea is about how people live in their homes and being able to tell their amazing stories. It’s more like a diary.”

The biannual magazine was started by Nacho Alegre and Omar Sosa in 2008 with a print run of 5000, it now hits newsstands in China, Lebanon and Kenya, as well as recording big sales in Berlin, London and New York. It often features friends of the team who happen to be painfully cool artists, photographers and musicians. They have even managed to secure some celebrity offerings, refreshingly just through their friends and connections; Chloe Sevigny, the band Mystery Jets and even Michael Stipe have graced their pages.

This human aspect gives the magazine part of its charm, and is one of the many reasons we at SCP really connect with this publication.  Alegre is adamant that what is most important is retaining the magazine’s spirit. He tells the Guardian: “It could get massive with us doing advertorials and running pieces about how nice companies are and how ecological their wood is,” he said. “But we don’t care about making lots of money from doing things the wrong way – we’d sooner not have to compromise.” SCP boss Sheridan Coakley supports these values wholeheartedly: “It would be nice to see other big design magazines following this example.”


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