Night out at the British Business Embassy

Some of Team SCP and our designers got dolled up and headed to the British Business Embassy Contributors Reception (try saying that with a mouthful of Prosecco) this week. 


Based at Lancaster House, London, The British Business Embassy “will capture the imagination of global business leaders visiting the UK by showcasing the best of what the UK has to offer in some of our most successful industries such as fashion, architecture, technology, life sciences, advanced engineering, automotive and aerospace.” A number of SCP products are on display in the house, ready to meet big names from around the world.

Eadie looking resplendent in a lush royal purple room.

A Balzac armchair and ottoman in another grand setting.

And peeking in the corner is a leather Lansdowne, spot one of Donna’s knitted creatures lit up like a small celestial being in the cabinet too.


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