Mark McGinnis's new prints

As part of this year’s Design Department Store, we have some fresh new work from Brooklyn-based print pro Mark McGinnis. 

You may know Mark’s, ahem, alternative Alphabet prints which we sell at SCP. We are big fans so are very excited to launch his new range of prints entitled ‘Master Debaters’.

Mark says of the range: “The work is about the relationship between people and the cultural stereotypes that define them. The images and colors allude to words and expressions with issues such as energy, political power, cultural identification and nationality, to name a few. By arranging and rearranging them, I’m hoping that new unexpected interpretations unfold.”

These are just a taster of the pieces Mark is working on. The final range will be serigraph prints, most of them two colour, some will be 3 colour.

Check back for some ‘Making Of’ shots straight from Mark’s workshop and more details about the exhibition.

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