Brotherly Love

Does the thought of working with a sibling bring back feelings of teen angst and intense irritation? Just me then…Jonathan and Mark Legge appear to have risen above it. 

We are very excited to be working with the boys from Makers & Brothers and Kathleen McCormick to present a live basket weaving demonstration at this year’s event. Jonathan and Mark set up their online retail project, complete with aesthetically pleasing website, to  sell objects of use; the simple, beautiful and sometimes nicely odd. They are based in Ireland but promote international makers and craft.

They will be presenting a range of beautiful and functional objects exclusive to Makers & Brothers, and they are also bringing over a friend of theirs, Kathleen McCormick who we are looking forward to meeting, to show us her basket weaving skills. She began making baskets when she took time away from milking cows and headed to Galway to learn how to weave, the rest, as they say, is history. She even grows her own willow. What a gal.

Kathleen will be making a series of Irish Scoibs from willow. For the uninitiated, a scoib is a traditional Irish basket, born out of limited resources and a need for multi-functionality. The scoib was used to strain and serve potatoes, and the leftovers were given to the animals. You don’t have to use a scoib quite like that if you don’t want to, luckily they are quite attractive in their own right. But we do love a piece with history.

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