Bucks New Uni

Earlier this year, SCP set a brief for students on the Contemporary Furniture & Related Product Design course at Bucks New Uni. We asked them to produce a small item of furniture to supplement our SCP Boxed Collection.

The students have been busy in the workshops for several months and the outcome is a collection of refined and well thought-out pieces.

The work is currently on show at the New Designers show, Business Design Centre (on until Saturday 7th June, 8pm). Here’s some of our favourites.

Domestic kick step by Oliver Taylor, Basket 123 tables by Adam Wong, Spool stool by Marcin Bahrij.

Spool stool by Marcin Bahrij, Biscuit table by Jade Moyse, Stance stool by Oliver Taylor.

Suum stool by Sang A Choi.

Eric by Jade Moyse.



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