MillerGoodman goes Deluxe

Never ones to rest on our laurels, we have a plethora of new goodies to show you, all in store now.

First up, MillerGoodman have brought us an update on the popular Facemaker and Shapemaker blocks. You can now get your hands on the deluxe versions which include a wooden presentation box which doubles as a frame to display your designs oh-so-proudly.

Next up, these incredible Nambu cast iron bird sculptures, which have a bit of a history. Nambu cast iron was first made in the middle of 17th century in Japan when a master from Kyoto was summoned by the lord to create an iron pot for tea ceremony and Nambu was born. We want all of them lined up on our bookshelf.

We also have the Teema dinner set by Finnish designer Kaj Frank for Iittala, as you can see it is classic and simple, not to mention dishwasher safe, perfect to replace your chipped plates and mismatched mugs. And sticking withe the kitchen theme we have this classic K3 kettle, designed in 1938 and still looking good in modern homes. See all our newest arrivals here.

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