SCP Factory Settings 1 // Framemaking

This Spring, in preparation for MOST Milan where a live SCP Workshop will be making an armchair every day, we took two visits to our specialist upholstery factory in the flatlands of Norfolk, Coakley & Cox Ltd.

On the first occasion it was with a camera in one hand and a notebook in the other, as we looked to discover what changes had taken place at the factory since our last visit in 2008. On our second trip we took a small film crew to shoot a specially commissioned short film about our manufacturing process that is launching on SCP News this week.

Coakley & Cox Ltd. building

Luckily, we were gifted with beautiful weather on both occasions and we are pleased to release the first series of pictures of the factory here. We rightfully start with where the products begin, among the piles of wood and sawdust of the Framemaking department.

Wood ready for cutting

Wood cutting

Each different SCP Upholstery piece has a different frame, so the Framemaking department have a large database of different designs, with each single part of the frame needing to be cut and prepared to exact measurements. There is the regular hum and whine of machinery all around as piles of uncut wood quickly turn into refined components.

Measuring cuts


Whilst cutting is going on in one area of the workshop assembly is taking place in another. The frames are made from FSC approved European hardwood and are traditionally glued and screwed together. They are made to be strong and durable as each frame comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Frame components

Frame assembly

Once a frame is assembled it is then sanded and finished before being quality checked. Once this process is completed the frames are moved on to the next stage of their journey through the factory, to the Upholstery department.

Frames ready for finishing

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