Rococo x Donna Wilson Easter eggs

Donna Wilson has teamed up with Rococo Chocolates to produce this delicious range of hand-painted Easter eggs.

Rococo is a maverick in the sometimes stuffy world of luxury chocolate, their three London stores decked out with Botticelli cherubs, pink walls and exquisite products and packaging. They are also famed for their award winning combinations, from the sublime white chocolate with strawberries to the award-winning milk chocolate with sea salt. Bet you’re regretting giving it up for Lent now…

Donna’s charming designs are hand-painted onto white and dark chocolate eggs. Some are filled with more-ish Rococo ganache chocolates, and some of the smaller eggs come with a bone china egg cup.

These three eggs arrive within each other, like traditional Russian Dolls but more delicious.

The trademark Rococo packaging has been given the Donna touch, that is, been covered in owl drawings.

These two are our favourites because they are so adorable (maybe partly because you get two eggs in a pack). Mmm, now when’s our staff tasting?

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